Reagan & Rylan decorated Christmas cookies at our home yesterday. The "Arizona" grandkids did this for many years, I’m really missing them right now. However, I’m glad we are near Jim’s family and can enjoy watching the younger ones grow up.

I’m so far behind

I have so much catching up to do here! We made it to Ohio, we’re in the new house and our stuff has arrived from Arizona. We’re still getting settled, having some rooms painted and electrical work done, but it’s coming together. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with Jena & her family, Kyle and Travis. We’re hoping that even more family will be here for Christmas dinner.

We’ll Miss This Mountain!

We put our home on the market two days ago and have received five offers. We haven’t yet seen all of the offers, Gerry (our Realtor) is putting together a comparison with our bottom line.

We just may be in Ohio in time for Thanksgiving!

Update* We have received two more offers! I believe everyone who looked at our home has made an offer, this is crazy!